Mindfully You

I’ve created an online version of the exclusive program I offer my Completely You one-to-one clients to help more people experience the benefits of mindfulness and start living their best lives.

Featuring 6 bite-sized modules, video content and downloadable workbooks, Mindfully You is for anyone who wants a simple, achievable and sustainable introduction to mindfulness that they can work through at their own pace. 

Mindfully You is for you if ...

You are...

An over-thinking, over analysing stress cadet?

Who tends towards ALL (all of the good stuff you know you should be doing for your mind and body) or NOTHING (self-sabotaging, procrastination and then beating yourself up for it?)

Spend far to long dwelling on the past or worrying about the future?

Feel overwhelmed? Unfocused and scattered? Like there are never enough hours in the day?

You're in a funk? You feel like there should be more to life.  But you beat yourself up for not being grateful for what you’ve got or not having the balls to do something different!

You’re capable and competent or so people say… but you struggle to believe it and you’re crippled by low confidence and the ol ‘not good enough story’

You wish you had more confidence in life, at work, in relationships

You’re stressed, you’re busy, you’re working sooooo hard, but you wonder what it’s all for

You know something’s gotta give cos you want your old sparkle back!

You just want to feel more happy, less stressed, tame that overthinking mind of yours and remember what it’s like to chill and enjoy the moment!

If your chatty mind screamed YES! to any of the above… then Mindfully You is for you!


Mindfully You will help you:

Stop over-analysing and trust your intuition

Silence your inner critic and claim you confidence

Manage your thoughts and emotions so they don’t manage you

Stop self sabotaging and procrastinating.
Get out of your own way so you can focus on what really matters.

Stop fretting about the future and dwelling in the past and learn to live in the now and appreciate the simple things

Stress less and smile more

...and Be More You!

How does Mindfully You work?

The 3 month program includes:

  • 6 x training modules—delivered fortnightly

  • Bite-sized videos packed with practical tools, tips and tricks to help you create a strong and sustainable mindfulness practice

  • Audio downloads—so you can listen to trainings while you cook, clean or commute

  • Audio transcript—so you can skim read to your heart’s content

  • 6 x downloadable and printable interactive workbooks to supplement the videos—so you can jot down notes as you go, and easily refer back to what you've learnt

  • Access to the content for 12 months so you can work through at your own pace

You'll learn:

  • How to create (and sustain!) a meditation practice so you reap all the benefits of this ancient (and science backed) practice: like more focus, less stress, stronger relationships, a better immune system, more energy—to name a few!

  • How to practice mindfulness in daily life so it becomes a way of life

  • How to manage that pesky voice in you head so you’re not controlled by your itty bitty shitty committee

  • How to ride the waves of your emotions when things get stormy

  • How to to stress less and smile more

What's the investment?

Mindfully You is all yours for $175 NZD


Get started now!

Click the link below to purchase Mindfully You and start experiencing the benefits of mindfulness immediately