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Hi, I'm Emily!

and I’m passionate about helping you find more calm, confidence and connection in a frantic modern world so you can savour life and ... Be More You!

As a typical A type personality, and a recovering corporate lawyer and stress cadet* I’ve always been very good at getting s**t done.

Not so good at appreciating life.

Not so good at being kind to myself and others.

Very good at using busyness, wine and social media to distract myself from how I was really feeling. Tired, stressed, insecure and lost.

My every waking move dominated by a very loud inner critic. No matter how much I got done, how much I achieved, never quite feeling good enough.

So I know what it’s like …

But somewhere along the way I thought - this can’t be it? There must be more to life …?

So I embarked on a journey (a journey I’ll be on for life).  A journey of learning about mind body wellness. But, more importantly, learning about myself.  

And little by little, I noticed subtle shifts in how I was interacting with myself and the world.  Subtle shifts that lead to big changes in myself and what I wanted to do with my time and share with the world.  

I was BEING more and doing less.  I was more myself. I was kinder and happier.  And less reactive when when I wasn’t feeling so kind and happy!

And as time went on it became clear I wanted to share what I’d learned with the world.

So I waved goodbye to life as a corporate lawyer.  And Be More You was born.

And now my awesome day job is sharing what I’ve learned with lovely people like you in the hopes that you too can Be More You.

If you're intrigued to learn how I can help you then check out some of the ways we can work together

*not all corporate lawyers are stress cadets of course, but I certainly was!

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