Kind Words

This is what some of my lovely clients had to say about working with me

"Speaking to you has completely lifted me up, out of the shitty teary negative rut of not enough-ness, feeling like giving up and of ultimate stuck-ness.

Thank you, you're an amazing coach Emily, I'm blessed to get your time each week."

"My mind felt like a train station, constantly on the go – thinking what was happening next?, did my boys eat enough vegetables?, I need more sleep, I don’t have time for this, am I eating right?, insecurities…and on and on. I knew I appeared happy on the outside and most of the time I was happy on the inside too, but I was constantly thinking things I didn’t want to be thinking about.

I began to see Emily once a week, then once a fortnight. She helped me to look at my thoughts differently, to use meditation and mindfulness as a tool. It wasn’t that she made me not think at all, Emily helped me build a better relationship with my thoughts. With Emily, I looked at my life as a whole and thought about the parts I was happy with (and there were lots!) and the parts that I thought were making me feel stressed and anxious. I set goals, and looking back at what I wrote down I have achieved them!

The biggest smiling, feel good moment for me is that my relationship with my two young boys has changed. I listen to them more and try to be in the moment with them (and be mindful of it J) Before I started to meet with Emily, I felt I often had little patience with them and that I occasionally was a time bomb waiting to go off. I now know that I just need to take 30 seconds (or sometimes not even that!) to pause, breathe, calm down and then become a Mum again!"

"Yesterday was a big day... yesterday I stopped to admire the flowers!! This is so unlike me?! Why waste precious running time to A. Stop and B. Stop for something so trivial as a flower?! Well thanks to my new found appreciation for all things in life I stopped.... and enjoyed that flower!! Though I’m only at the beginning of learning all things mindful, I have already noticed positive changes in my thoughts, my feelings and how I'm treating myself. One of my biggest learnings from starting this process has been realising my thoughts don't define who I am as a person!! I have started making time for myself, simply sitting for lunch and putting more priority on exercise! Such simple things but before this process I found so hard to do!!! Thanks to Em and 'Be More You' I’m so excited about the journey that I am on!"

"I regularly practiced meditation while living overseas but struggled to incorporate it into my daily routine after relocating back to NZ - despite being aware of the benefits and the huge impact that it makes on my day. Speaking with Emily completely changed this for me, with just a few simple suggestions she has reintroduced me to a daily practice. Emily is insightful, motivating and has a real passion for your overall health and well-being. I couldn't recommend working with a better person if you're looking to live a healthier and more in-tune life."

I started seeing Emily a few months ago when I felt my life was out of control on a number of fronts. I was having increased incidences of anxiety and serious mood swings and hated the fact that I was getting angry for no reason whatsoever. I didn’t feel like I was giving my best self to any part of my life – my family, my relationship with my husband or my work. And I wasn’t happy. I have never really been a holistic health type of person previously (I want a magic pill that makes everything better usually) but, at the end of my tether, definitely felt it was worth trying. We worked through a number of things which helped me identify how I operate and what makes me tick. As part of that journey Emily recommended meditation and journaling.

What a difference it has made to my life. The coaching is very personalised and this was a bit uncomfortable to begin with, but it brought things to the forefront where they could get acknowledged, with no judgment. I now meditate and journal almost every day and I am so much more positive.

I have been taking a quite high dose of prescription medication for over two years for depression and (at my Doctor's suggestion) I am currently nearly weaned off these. This is something I would have been terrified of doing a few months ago, but now I am happy to report I feel amazing, like life has begun again.

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