Want to turn down the volume on your mind?

One night a few months ago I couldn’t sleep. I lay in bed for hours ruminating. My head whirring. My thoughts racing. 

I was busy beavering away on a rebranding of my biz (which you now know as Be More You!). And because I’m one of those painful perfectionist Type A personalities - I wanted it to be PERFECT. But I also wanted it done YESTERDAY! 

So I'm lying there … words and ideas whizzing and whirring around like crazy. Tossing and turning. And then the next morning, waking up with a start to more words, plays on words, and plays on plays on words! Gah! 

I even skipped my normal RPM morning routine (Rise, Pee, Meditate) to put a potential idea into the domain name checker. 

In short, I was NOT being mindful. 

But then I suddenly thought … TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE Em! 

When I’m feeling a bit stressed and frazzled, I often ask myself - what would Zen Em do? 

And Zen Em would get out of her head and into her heart. 

So I closed down the domain name checker, I put away my phone, and I journalled. I free flow wrote. Without filter. Recording a tangible trail of my jumbled thoughts … 

And guess what … I found the perfect name. I nailed it. And … the domain name was available! bemoreyou.co.nz.

You see, there are some things you can’t think your way out of. And often it's our thinking that's the problem. It’s our thinking that confuses things, clouds our judgement, complicates things.

If we could just get out of our heads - if we could turn down the volume of our chatty minds. If we could tune in to our gut, our intuition, the part of us that know, that's when we find the answers. 

Journalling is just one way to bypass our chatty minds to find the part of us that knows. 

I have LOADS more tips and tricks - and I LOVE sharing them with people. If you’re keen to learn more. If you’d like some handy tips and tricks to turn down your chatty mind and turn up your gut instinct - then book in a free 30 min discovery session with me - I’d love to chat about how I might be able to help you! 

Emily Mason