How To Practice Mindfulness (Even If You're Really Busy)

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So you have an idea of what mindfulness is, you’re familiar with the supposed benefits, but you’re just not sold on it yet?

Maybe you’ve tried meditating before and your mind just seemed too busy? Or maybe you simply don’t have time to add another 'thing' into your day?

I get it. I’ve been there. And I have just the tool for you!  

And all you need to do is ‘Press Pause’.

How often do we give ourselves an opportunity to pause? How often do we think:

"Once I get this load of laundry done, then I’ll relax."
"Once this project wraps up, then I’ll take a break."
"I just need to get through to December and then things will slow down."

But how often is this week’s deadline swiftly replaced with next week’s obligation?

PAUSE is a short, sweet, simple little practice you can do anywhere, anytime, without adding another task to your to do list. It'll help you to carve out micro-moments of space and peace within your obligation and deadline-filled day.

And all you need to do is remember to do it!

For a detailed description of how to ‘Press PAUSE’, you can check out my video below. Or read on for a high level overview.


Take a moment (even if it’s just a microsecond) to notice the experience you’re having.


Allow your experience to be as it is. Accepting your present moment non-judgmentally and with curiosity. If you can’t leave or change the situation, than your only real option is to accept it. This doesn’t mean you have to like it or want it. It simply means that you give up the struggle of resisting your situation or wishing things were different.


Check in with you. What’s happening in your mind? How does your your body feel? Be curious. Are you tired? Thirsty? Hungry? Hot or cold? Stressed or bored? If you’re feeling a strong emotion, where in your body do you feel it? Are your shoulders tense? Is your jaw clenched? Is your chest tight?


Let out a sigh, and your exhale will naturally be followed by a deep inhale. Then smile so your brain produces oxytocin, a feel good hormone. Because who couldn't do with a a little dose of the warm fuzzies?

E - Engage

Give yourself a pat on the back for carving out a space to simply breath and be. And you’re now free to engage/re-engage with your day with increased presence and centeredness (and you’ve just practiced mindfulness!).

And that’s all folks!

It’s pretty darned simple. The devil, as they say, is in the details and in remembering to practice (ok maybe that’s not exaaaactly how the saying goes - but you get my drift).

If you’d like to dig into the detail some more or you’d like some accountability with your practice, I offer free 30 minute discovery sessions so you can learn more about what working with me would look like.

Emily x


Emily Mason