How to Stretch and Breathe your way to a Swift Slumber

In my last blog I shared my top tips to get into your body to get out of your mindto help you sleep like a baby.  



But I left you waiting with baited breath for the cherry on top … How to stretch and breathe your way into snooze land.



So this week, I’m sharing my top STRETCH & BREATHE tips




Moving your body in a gentle and restorative way last thing before bed (or in the middle of the night if you wake up with thoughts racing) is the best way to soothe your nervous system, calm your mind, and set you up for snooze land.



And breathing is the only way we can consciously control where sit on the spectrum of stressed (sympathetic nervous system dominant) to relaxed (parasympathetic nervous system dominant).  

So by breathing in certain ways we can set ourselves up for relaxation and restorative sleepy times!


Check out my video below for some of my top ‘stretch’ and breathe techniques:

Emily Mason