The Rusty Skillet: Probiotic Coconut Yoghurt Recipe.

So Dairy's not your thing? Me either!! 

But you don't have to miss out on the yummy taste and benefits of yoghurt with this Probiotic Coconut Yoghurt Recipe! 

So obviously one of the main ingredients is Coconut milk! My pick is Trade Aid; it produces a delicious thick yoghurt and is also a fair trade product! What's not to love? It can however be a bit trickier to find, so if you can't get your hands on this some other recommended brands are KARA and AYAMA.

And now for the big reveal... THE RECIPE!! 


  • 400-540mls of coconut cream
  • 2 TBLS probiotic coconut cream yogurt (good quality store-bought or a previous batch)
  • OR 3-4 probiotic capsules (4 billion microorganisms approx per cup of coconut cream- check package for this info – I have had good luck with Bio Kult brand probiotics)


  1. Shake the can(s) or carton of coconut cream well. Open and place into a clean glass jar. Place 2 TBLS of probiotic coconut cream yogurt OR 3-4 probiotic capsules  into the coconut cream and stir well. Screw the lid on tight and leave the coconut cream to ferment in a warm spot or on the kitchen bench out of direct sunlight. If left in a warm spot it will ferment more quickly and usually takes between 12-24 hours to develop a nice tang. If left on the kitchen bench it can take 24-72 hours to ferment fully. It should thicken up a little and you may see little tiny air bubbles on the sides, which is a good sign of active lactic acid bacteria.
  2. Open the jar and test it every 12-24 hours until you like the tanginess/flavour. It will also continue to get a little more tangy in the fridge.
  3. Place it into the fridge and allow it to chill completely before eating it. It will thicken up more once chilled.

Consume within about 7-10 days.


Please note these quantities make about 500mls of yoghurt and the recipe can be easily doubled or tripled!`

This recipe is thanks to Bonnie De Gros over at The Rusty Skillet! For more great recipes, be sure to check her out!

Emily Mason