Blue sky thinking

Blue skies. They just make you feel good right!? So much better than when it's dark and stormy.

And your mind is the same.

Your thoughts and feelings will come and go like passing clouds. Sometimes they're light and fluffy, and sometimes there's thunder and lightening.

But you know what's behind the clouds? No matter how dark and foreboding, no matter how stormy things seem. If you go high enough, above the clouds, there is always blue sky.

And it's the same with your mind.

Your thoughts are the weather. But you, my friend, are the sky.

Here's what one of my gorgeous clients had to say about blue sky thinking ...

β€œMeeting with Emily was an extremely positive experience. She really helped me rethink some of my negative thoughts and emotions that I was developing. She taught me the power of blue sky thinking, how there will be clouds but they will pass and to notice more frequently. I carry with me these learnings every day and I am incredibly grateful for Emily's advice. I would recommend her yoga and mindfulness courses to anyone who is after a bit of calm in their life.”

If you'd like to learn more about blue sky thinking and how to manage the sometimes stormy clouds, I'd love for you to take advantage of my free 30 minute discovery session designed to help you get super clear about where you're at and what you want out of life! Book in today if you're even a little bit curious!
x Em
Emily Mason