Why careering down a steep hill is good for your mind

How much fun is mountain biking!? 

Whenever I do activities like mountain biking or skiing I question why I don’t do them more often. They’re the ultimate mindfulness activity.

When you’re careering down a steep hill you have no choice but to focus on the present moment. You have no choice but to tune in to your senses, and tune out of your endless mind chatter. You become acutely aware of everything around you in real time, sometimes even in slow motion. And you’re rewarded with pure unadulterated joy. With a rushes of excitement and exhilaration. With that incredible and indescribable feeling of being alive, and being grateful to be alive.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could cultivate this same feeling in your daily life? If you could find joy in all the little and amazing things happening around you all the time?

Well … I’m going to let you in on a little secret … you can!

It’s called mindfulness.

It’s this deceptively simple little tool that helps you turn up the volume on the incredible things happening all around you, right now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right NOW. And in doing so, you turn down the volume of your incessant mind chatter. The mind chatter that dwells on what you said at the party last weekend, and worries about how you’ll get everything done tomorrow.

If you’d like some help setting your mind’s volume dial in the right direction – I’d LOVE to share with you everything I know about mindfulness.

I’d love to teach you practical tools to make living a mindful life your reality.

I’d love to teach you what mindfulness is and what it isn’t.

I’d love for mindfulness to be more than an overused buzz word in your vocabulary.

I’d love to help you create YOUR mindful life.

If you’d like to learn more book in a free discovery call to learn more about my one to one mindfulness coaching program.

Emily Mason