The itty bitty shitty committee

Introducing the itty bitty shitty committee.

The committee that lives in your head and gives you shitty life advice.

First there’s the Chairman.

The Chairman broadcasts an endless stream of ‘I’m not enough’ thoughts. You know - the I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, interesting enough … not enough, not enough, not enough thoughts.

The Chairman is pretty vocal. But every now and then one of the specialised members chimes in with a specific nugget of shittyness.

The HR manager tells you you need another degree, more experience, and a certificate before you’ll be ‘qualified’ or ‘good enough’ to do the thing. You know, ‘the thing’. The thing you’re already doing but feeling like a fraud at. Or the thing you deep down wish you could do but you’re too afraid to try.

The Marketing Manager tells you that you’re not wearing the right thing, your house isn’t tidy enough, your stomach isn’t flat enough and your jokes aren’t good enough. And in order to be liked and accepted you need a complete rebrand - an overhaul of your image and personality.

The CFO reminds you you don’t have enough money for those new shoes (which the marketing manager has told you is vital for your rebrand!) or that you’d be stupid to sign up for the further education course (mandated as necessary by the HR Manager).

The CFO jumps in to support the Chairman's view that you are, and always will, be totally hopeless with money and there will never be enough no matter how much you have.

Those are the core committee members some of us have other more specialised members. But the thing they all have in common … and you might have noticed … they’re not a very friendly bunch are they!? And the advice they give is pretty … well, … shitty! Sure some of it might have some merit. But most of it is just plain ridiculous. And just because it might be true … doesn’t mean it’s helpful. Right?

We all have our own committee. And as much as I’d love to tell you how to get rid of them, I’m afraid the Committee is here to stay.

What I can tell you though … is that you YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP with it!

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Emily Mason