Completely You

Coaching Outline

This is a sneak peek at the Completely You one-to-one coaching outline. Because it's a bespoke program that is tailored to you, the order and emphasis may change based on what comes up during our sessions. 

Session 1 Your path to Be More You

Get clear on where you’re at, why you’re here, where you want to be, what’s holding you back and chart out your path to Be More You.

Session 2 Intro to mindfulness

Learn what mindfulness is, what it isn’t, why you should practice it, and how you can make it a non-negotiable in your life.

Session 3 Intro to meditation

Learn what meditation is, what it isn’t, and how you can make it a non-negotiable in your life.

Session 4 Master your mind

Get up close and personal with the voice in your head: the stories it likes to tell, and the thoughts it likes to think.

Session 5 Stressy-stress

Learn how stress impacts your body and mind, how to stress less, and how to manage your “stressy” stress responses.

Session 6 Stress less

Learn the top tips to get calm, find space, BREATHE and be.

Session 7 Find 'you'

Take stock of what’s truly important to you, find your values and rediscover you

Session 8 Turn in to tune out the crazy

Get out of your thinking mind, and into your body—so you can turn inwards and tune out when things are feeling a bit crazy.

Session 9 Manage your emotions

Dive into the murky waters of emotions, and learn how to ride the waves when life gets difficult.

Session 10 When other humans are involved

Break down mindfulness and mediation in the context of your daily life, your relationship, and take meditation off your seat/mat/cushion and into the world.

Session 11 Get great-ful

Learn how to literally change your mind and hardwire in more positivity, happiness and joy.

Session 12 Be More You

Put the puzzle pieces together to create your Be More You Life: a life filled with more joy, more calm, and a deeper connection to your intuition, your sense of self, and what’s important to you.

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