Completely You

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Who is Completely You for?

Are you overwhelmed? There’s so much STUFF in your mind. You flit from thing to thing. With 10 tabs open in your browser, writing and rewriting to-do lists?

Are you constantly tired but so wired you lie awake staring at the ceiling?

Do you waste hours paralysed by indecision, endlessly debating pros and cons?

Do you compare yourself to others? Scrolling social media wishing you were having as much fun?

Are you ruled by your emotions, reacting automatically and behaving in ways you regret later?

Do you worry you’re not smart enough, funny enough, fashionable enough, relaxed enough?

You have a perfect life on paper, but you struggle to appreciate it, and then beat yourself up for being so negative and ungrateful?

You feel like there should be more to life, but have no idea what that is, or how to find it?

If your chatty mind screamed YES! to any of the above… then Completely You is for you!


Completely You will help you:

Leap out of bed with energy (that lasts!) and sleep like a baby at night

Get your mojo back: get more done with less with less stress

Silence your inner critic (that voice inside your head that tells you you're not good enough and never will be)

Figure out what your gut is (and how to listen to it!) so you can make decisions with ease

Ditch insecurity, self doubt and comparison and learn to live with confidence and clarity

Find that cliched inner peace, childlike joy and zest for life

...and Be More You!

How does Completely You work?

My 12 week one-to-one coaching program includes:

  • 12 x weekly 50 minute coaching sessions, either in person in Wellington, or over Skype, for tailored support, expert training and accountability

  • Email support for the full 12 weeks—so you never feel alone between sessions, and have guidance to work through any challenges which may pop up

  • Notes, handouts and resources you can keep forever—so that you can keep growing even after our time together has ended

We cover a broad range of topics in these sessions including mindfulness, meditation, stress, emotions, sleep and nutrition.

Sneak peek at the program outline

Click here to take a sneak peek at the full 12-week program outline 


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